Online casino gambling in the UK

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Playing online gambling sites has for quite some time now been a real hit trend on the internet. While this huge new interest has increased there has also started to pop up a lot of new online gambling sites. All of these can seem pretty nice but there are actually some big differences between them and that’s why we are here with this site to help you pick the perfect casino for your preference. In this guide we will cover all of the most important things that you need to know in order to pick the perfect casino. For more gambling sites visit our friends at

Gambling sites with the best bonuses

Casino bonuses is also something that is something new and came in a larger scale when the casino internet outbreak was a fact. A casino bonus is basically an extra amount of money that you may play for in order to get a chance to get this to become real money or spins that you can use to win money that you may wager into real money. It’s very common that casinos refer money on the sites to bonus money and real money to differ which kind balance that you will have available for withdrawal. Most times real money is the only form of money that is available for withdrawal.

How does gambling bonuses work

Bonus money is something that always needs to be wagered in order to be available for withdrawal and we are going to take you through what wagering is and how wagering conditions for bonuses work. If you want to learn more about other casino stuff like roulette visit this wordpress site for roulette!

When you accept a casino bonus you are also agreeing to a wagering condition of this bonus. A wagering condition is typically the bonus amount times x that you need to play for in the casino and manage without losing the money in order to get that free bonus money available for withdrawal. All casinos have different rules of how this works and to be sure we recommend you to read the terms of conditions for the specific bonus that you are looking into accepting. This should always be available for you otherwise do not hesitate to contact customer care and get the bonus explained to you.

How you get no deposit bonus on gambling sites

No deposit bonus is the best king of bonus as it as you can tell by the name does not require that you make any deposit what so ever. However these bonuses always comes with great wagering conditions but it it still have a lot of perks taking them since it can be fun trying out your luck and maybe a new casino game that you have now can try and win at for free. To play great live casino click here!

It’s very common that casino sites put out these kind of bonuses when they are new to get you as a casino player to try out their new concept with their casino. If you like free bonuses then this is a great way to have fun and test different casino while not spending a quid and that is something that we really do recommend to do for fun! And who know, maybe you will become a millionaire by doing so. Check out the very best casino sites here!

Criteria of online gambling sites

When we were selecting the casinos that we review here on we have taken a few criteria in very moderate consideration and we are going to talk a bit about what our main criteria have been when we made our selection.

One of the most important things is to check out the licence of the casino. There is a lot of funny business going on all over the internet and that is the main pro why you want to use a guide like this one. You can check in the bottom of all the casinos that we list which licence the casino is under and either the UK gambling commission or the MGA licence is the most established and professional licenses for online gambling and it is with these casinos that you want to place your bets.

By the way, is a great gudie for online gambling if you live in Sweden.

Another criteria that I very critical is to make sure that the casino offers the games that you enjoy the most because this is the solar most centred thing of why we play online gambling in the first place. You can easily check out which games the casino offers by signing up and taking the no deposit bonus or try out the casino for real by making a first deposit.
Then you will be able to test all of the games that the casino offers and you will give all of them a chance to win you over and make you have a good time.

Try online casino in NZ

If you have played casino online in UK you might know that it is a regulated casino market.

All you need to do is to step in to our friends at Kiwislots and there you will get the best possible treatment for your abroad casino experience.

Make sure to gamble responsibly

Gambling online is a very fun thing to do and offers an entire world of entertainment but it comes with risks like everything that involves money. But there is a lot of things that you can do in order to play safely which we do recommend you to do. All of the casinos that we will give you tips about are all very established with limitation options that we do recommend you to enable.

This will make sure that you don’t play more than you intend which sometimes if you are not limited can be difficult.

Make sure to go into the different casinos limitation areas and get the information you need to know regarding how to limit your game play and you will have a great time when you play online. With that info we wish you the best of luck when playing!

Regards, George.